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Kinds of Custom Storm Doors

Kinds of Custom Storm Doors

Being installed in front of an exterior access door, storm doors are made with sturdy materials that can withstand the pressure of bad weather conditions and unpredictable elements. There are different kinds of security storm doors that evolve with the change of time and technology. Here are the primary kinds of custom storm door.

The first and the more popular kind is the security storm door that is made of wood. This was the original material mass produced used for a custom storm door.  Although a door that is made of wood is visually appealing and aesthetically ahead, wood materials need to be painted and requires coating so that it can endure the conditions of any weather and phenomenon. Contrary to what many consider that this is the most cost efficient kind of custom storm door, a lot of additional expenses arise in the process of strengthening this kind of material. A security storm door that is one inch thick is commonly used as exterior screen with no glass. Glass panel can only be carried by a security storm door made of wood if it is thicker than 1 inch. As the thickness of a wood door increases, the durability and the sturdiness of the piece increase as well. Increasing the thickness of pure wood however, cost so much yet many still opt for this material due to its visual charm.
A custom storm door can also be made from aluminium. The corrosion resistance of aluminium is the main advantage of a custom storm door. The life of the door would be lengthier if this material is being utilized. It is not necessary also to paint the custom storm door made from aluminium every once in a while since the durability of the material is superb. The variety of its thickness is wider also since a custom storm door of this kind is easier to fabricate. The thinnest custom storm door is the least expensive of all. The weakness of the custom storm door made from aluminium however can be found in the corners of the frame. The brittle aluminium alloy corners can crack when blown by tremendous forced wind. The corners of the aluminium door can be replaced every once in a while to secure its strength.

When we talk about corrosion resistance and durability, fibreglass and PVC made custom storm door comes out on top of the list. It is very easy to mould these kinds of materials to even mimic the appearance of a wooden custom storm door. A PVC or vinyl custom storm door would need a metal frame internally to provide the necessary strength for the door. When a PVC security storm door is extruded extraordinary strength results. It is like steel storm door that is extremely strong.

Fibreglass made custom storm door would pale all the other choices in terms of strength and advantage but it is highly expensive. The chemicals present in PVC and fibreglass materials slows down the effect of radiation and ultraviolet rays from the sun that amplify the deterioration of the door. The thickness of the security storm door still holds the same theory. The thicker the door is more durable it becomes but the more expensive it also gets. A Security storm door needs to be thick to be able to support the panels it holds and even the other features one wish to apply in that particular custom storm door.


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