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Fixing Warped Security storm doors or Steel Storm Doors

Fixing Warped Security storm doors or Steel Storm Doors

After a steel storm door is installed, the door will be used as much as your main doors since you have to use both doors to exit or enter your home. Problems are bound to appear on steel storm door sooner or later. Your steel storm door may start to warp because of repeated wedging or kicking, but this can be easily fixed. Constant exposure to heat can also warp your steel storm door, but you can fix that as well. A steel storm door that has been repeatedly struck might be beyond repair and just needs to be replaced. This guide will teach you how to repair your warped steel storm door.
Before you start, you will need to gather a few things. You will need a pencil, Allen keys, drill, saw, flat and Phillips head screwdriver. Trim wood and clear sealant. Some of these tools might not be needed, but it is always best to be prepared just in case. Once you’ve gathered all the needed tools, it’s time to start.
First you have to determine which part of the steel storm door is hitting the door frame first. Once you’ve determined if it is the top or the bottom, open the steel security storm door slightly and place the pencil between the part of the steel door that strikes first and the door frame. Now close the door firmly. Wait for about half an hour before you check on the door again. With any luck, the pencil would have caused enough pressure to un-warp the part of the steel security storm door. Keep repeating this step until the door warp starts to straighten. If the steel storm door is still too warped, then proceed to the next step.
You will need to remove the steel security storm door from its hinges. What tools you use may have to depend on the model of your steel security storm door. You may have to choose between the Allen key, flathead or Phillips screwdriver.
Remove the screws that are holding your edging to the side of your steel security storm door. After you remove the edging, you will find that there is wood lining on the inside of your steel storm door. It may be that the wood that is lining the inside of your steel storm door has acquired the warp of the door and has become crooked. If there are any screws or locks that pass through the wood, you will need to remove them too.
You can use your flathead screwdriver to remove the warped wood. Measure the warped wood and cut a new piece of wood to fit into the edge of your steel security storm door. Take note of the holes to fit locks and handles in your warped piece of wood and make similar holes in your new piece of wood. You can use your drill to makes these holes on your new piece of wood. Once you are done duplicating the holes, you can replace the edging.
Once you have replaced your new wood edging, you will need to apply a thin layer of clear sealant. You need to make sure you apply the sealant to every seam on your steel security storm door. This will prevent humidity or water from rain to affect the new wood edging inside your steel storm door.
Re-install your steel storm door on its hinges and it’s done!
Follow these simple steps to repair your steel security storm doors. Most steel storm doors are made in a similar way. So following these instructions and modifying them a little along the way will insure quick repair of any steel storm door. You can also use these steps to repair a custom storm door clad with steel.


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