Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Guide to Buying Security Storm Doors

Most people think of security storm doors as flimsy doors made from aluminum that clatters when they are closed. If this is how you picture security storm doors, then it is time you update yourself. Like all other household appliances, security storm doors have gotten better over time.
There are only a handful of companies that manufacture security storm doors, but these companies offer various lines of security storm doors. Each line has even more models of security screen doors. The average price range of security storm doors can be from $80 to $450 depending on the style of the security storm door. The fancier security storm doors have special hardware such as decorative moldings or external deadbolts.
You can choose to buy pre hung security storm doors that have standard widths. You can choose a security storm door that is hinged on either side or security storm doors that have double doors. Since these security storm doors have standard height and width, they are easy to install on your existing door frames. You can take a short time off on the weekend to fix up a security storm door. You will have to measure your current door frame, so that you don’t buy a security storm door of the wrong size.
If you have a bigger budget for our security screen door, you can inquire with major security storm door manufacturers if they have the option of getting a custom storm door. Major security storm door manufacturers might allow you to mix and match the components of your security storm door.
When you choose your security storm door, you will have to decide the size and type of the screen system and window of your security screen door. There are a lot of security screen doors that allow you to either remove or replace the security screen door glass panels with screening.
If you would prefer to maximize the view or light through your security storm door, then you might want to get a security storm door that has a full height glass panel. If you would rather have better ventilation control, then buying a mid-view security storm door is the best option. A mid-view security storm door has a solid pane at the lower third of the security storm door. With a mid-view security storm door, you will be able to close or open the two sections independently.
An important factor in buying a security storm door is its construction. Major security storm door manufacturers use solid wood cores that are clad with aluminum to make their security storm doors. A security storm door will usually have an enamel finish. The wooden core of the security storm door will make is sturdier and it won’t dent or rattle.
If you have a tight budget, then you might want to get a security storm door that is vinyl clad. An advantage to vinyl clad security storm doors is that they don’t rust. The disadvantage of a vinyl security storm door is that it is not as durable as aluminum clad security storm door.
If your main concern is security, then you will have to choose a security storm door that is made of better materials. You can go for a steel storm door or one that is clad with heavy duty aluminum.


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